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 AquaDrago484's Gm Application~

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PostSubject: AquaDrago484's Gm Application~   Tue Nov 11, 2008 3:04 pm

Name: My Name would be Kashawn but u can call me that or Aqua/Drago/Shawn/Shawty or u can make up Ur own name for me ^^~.
Age: I am 14 and next yr in 2009 I will be 15 on June 3 

IGN would be: When I am playing this server my IGN will be AquaDrago484
Applying for: GM Im not rly good at any of the other jobs but im a quick learner soo If anyone is willing to teach me how to do something im willing to learn ^^.

Why you want to be a GM: I want to be able to help this server reach the top becuz finalstory is whack and I think u guys have a chance at making it to the top 50 cuz lot of the tops 50 servers there sucks and I kno a lot of ppl that I can get to come to this server and I would love to try to be a Gm for the first time it seems like a good experience and I wanna help out the ppl in this server theres a lot of clueless people these days.~

How can you improve the server (Other then helping people):
Like I said before I kno a lot of ppl who ppl and I hate ppl who act stupid and I will keep my eye out for them and hackers theres no point in hacking a private server like duh ;o and this server is too low and it seems to have a lot of good qualities.

Time Online Daily:

As soon as I get home I hop on theres nothing to do outside anymore anyway  about 6 hrs unless my cuz gets on if she does maybe 4-5 hrs I get home from school like 2:65pm eastern time I think and if theres no school im on about all day soo yea I am
rly active soo I should be a good help

Anything else you would like to say:
Well I guess I can say stuff about me:

I have being annoyed I get enough of it at home F3 but I can be funny nice to be around and very helpful if u gots question about the game or rl I will tell as long as its not too weird... lol! im a boy and im straight I love girls just soo ya kno im on alot (mostly becuz nothing to do outside anymore everyone says im lazy and I never come out but I say give me something to do im tired of walking around the neighborhood OK its annoying so stfu then they be like w/e) and I live in Ny So if anyone else does tell me and we can talk, I love anime also soo if there’s anymore anime lovers or watchers tell me I think we would be able to communicate better than others also when it comes to music im in to Pop, hip hop,rap,Rock,alternate uhh I have others but yea that’s like some of the genres I like ^^ im also in to JPop=Japanese Pop Aqua timez there like AWESOME I got into JPop after I heard the Song Alones By Aqua Times Bleach's 6Th Opening song Also I Hate Racist ppl do not come at me with something like that its soo annoying how r u going to say u hate someone just becuz of the color of there skin its wrong and I will explode if someone tries it Also im mixed but im mostly black but I might have a White Char I always use a Black one if ur wondering what else I am im also Panamanian idk if I spelled it right F3 it means im Hispanic that’s why my last name is Hernandez my great grandmother lived in panama im something else but I cat remember name and im also Jamaican ^^ but I don’t mention it much cuz I don’t care for Jamaicans too much not that I don’t like them im just interested in Hispanics more I can actually speak Spanish. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: AquaDrago484's Gm Application~   Tue Nov 11, 2008 4:08 pm

WAYYYYYY to many spelling mistakes and also, i'm not looking for GM's atm because no one plays the server so if you want to be a gm donate $5 or more or get 25 people to join and play
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PostSubject: Yo~   Wed Nov 12, 2008 10:56 am

Dang i wanted to be a Gm It said that on banner and wut spelling mistakes its probably just because i texted i checked it if u dont want
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PostSubject: Re: AquaDrago484's Gm Application~   Thu Nov 24, 2011 7:52 am

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PostSubject: Re: AquaDrago484's Gm Application~   

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AquaDrago484's Gm Application~
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